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Global Geography 12 (GGS12)

Course Outline
Introduction to Global Geography and the World
The "Mega City"
Our Planet at Risk
Global Resources
The Four Laws Of Ecology
Map of the World
Gaia Hyphothesis
Global Warming
Global Trade
Tell Us

Many people have asked "What is Global Geography?"

Global Geography is the study of the world around us. It explains how we as people live and learn from it, what condition it's in and what impact we can and could have on the environment.

This website will let you experience what the students of Global Geography 12 have learned, and what they are about to learn. It will also help you better understand the course itself. Even if you decide not to take Global Geography 12, you will learn about your world, and how you can make a difference.

Alpine scenic, Aspen, CO
Alpine scenic, Aspen, CO

All definitions and most pictures were taken from the Global Connections, Geography for the 21st century textbook

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Created for Mrs.Bainbridge, By Emily Morash