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Global Geography 12 (GGS12)

Course Outline
Course Outline
Introduction to Global Geography and the World
The "Mega City"
Our Planet at Risk
Global Resources
The Four Laws Of Ecology
Map of the World
Gaia Hyphothesis
Global Warming
Global Trade
Tell Us

Course Syllabus
This is handed out to every Global Geography 12 student at the beginning of each new semester.
General Curriculum Outcomes
People, Place, and Envionment - Students will demonstrate an understanding of the interaction among people, place and the environment.
Culture and Diversity - Students will demonstrate an understanding of culture;diversity and world view, recognizing the similarities and differences reflected in various personal, cutural, racial and etnic perspectives.
Interdependence - Students will demonstrate an understanding of the interdependent relationship aong individuals, societies, and the environment - locally, nationally, and globally - and the implacations for a sustainable future.
Planning for Improvement
In keeping with the priorities set for SJA's planning for improvement, this course will incorporate activities that include, but are not limited to:
Numeracy - students will analyze and create graphs, tables, and other data
Literacy - students will be involved in critical thinking, reflective reading, etc.
Health and Wellness - through studying life expectancies, food distribution and health indicators around the world, students will become more aware of the importance and benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.
Term                                                        Course Assessment
Labs/Assignments   ....40%                       Term 1           ....35%
Tests/Quizzes         ....25%                       Term 2           ....35%
Projects                  ....25%                       Final Exam     ....30%
Self-Assessment     ....10%
TOTAL                   ....100%
Materials Needed for Global Geography 12
A set of colored pencils
A calculator
A binber
A ruler
Graph paper
Pens, pencils, eraser
Main Topics for Exploring
Introduction to Global Geography and the World
Our Fragile Planet
Our Planet at Risk
The Peopled Planed - Standing Room Only
Feeding the Planet
Global Resources
Global Factory
The Future Planet
** These topics may be explored in a non-linear fashion. the interest level of the classes current events and determines the length of time and order.**
Guidelines for Success
Attendance - please be present and on time for class. You are responsible for catching up on missed work on you time, not during class time. Unexcused absences result in a zero (0) for any work completed on or due that day, including tests, assignments, labs, and presentations.
Labs/Assignments - You can expect to complete 10+ products in this area. If class time is used effectivley, you will have minimal homework most evenings. Assignments/Lans are to be handed in at the beginning of class on the due date. If you are absent, they are due your first day back if your absense is excused. If extensions are required, please obtain a form to explain your request.
Conduct - Our classroom is meant to be a fun learning environment. In order to minimize distractions, no cell phones, diskmans, walkmans or MP3 Players, are permitted during class time. There is also to be NO eating during class time. Please do not mark on desks. I can give you scrap paper.
Most lunch hours Mrs.Bainbridge can be found in room 231. Messages can be left for her at 876-7203. Her email address is If you could send her an email at this address so that you can be added to her address book (parents and students) it would be appreciated. Students please use you school ednet accounts.
***This course syllabus is meant to serve as a guideline to Global Geography 12 students, and is subject to change***

All definitions and most pictures were taken from the Global Connections, Geography for the 21st century textbook

Quote taken from

Created for Mrs.Bainbridge, By Emily Morash